Monetize your
video content

A simple solution to sell your video courses - all you need are some videos and a Stripe account.

Easily charge for access to your video

  1. Create an account
  2. Connect a Stripe account (or easily create one through the dashboard)
  3. Add your embed code in the dashboard and set a price
  4. Post your video link wherever you want
  5. Make money from your video

  • Set your own price

    You’re in complete control of how much a customer pays to access your content.

  • No monthly fees

    You pay a 5% commission from every sale (+ Stripe fees)

  • Embed your video

    Embed anything: Vimeo, YouTube, custom players etc...

  • Payments via Stripe

    All payments & payouts are processed using Stripe.

    You can create a Stripe account directly from your profile.

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